Huntskea Outfitters is designed for the person who understands the value of being outdoors. We work hard to ensure every piece of gear you purchase is made, handled, and packaged to the highest quality with the best materials. If you order from us, you can expect one thing. Excellence.

This journey started at a young age and a love for everything outdoors. Huntskea Outfitters may have not been created when we were young, but it was thought of from the moment we bought our first piece of outdoor gear.

We hope for one thing. To bring this outdoor community together. In a world where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies pulling you different directions, you can find a common ground in us. There is something special about seeing our products in the streets, and we won't rest until that is all we see.

We thank you for all the recent support and are glad to have you apart of The Outfitted!


  • Hunter Martin

    My whole life has revolved around the outdoors, whether it be hunting, scouting, fishing, photography, or videography. I was raised into this lifestyle by my father who always made sure I did things whole-heartedly, and to the best of my abilities. If there is one thing my upbringing has taught me, it is that if I want something it must be earned, not given. My dream was to be able to include everyone in this happiness that I find in my hobbies, and creating Huntskea Outfitters was the best way I found.

    Being the Designer and Social Media Manager, I take pride in what I release and post. Every single product and picture is carefully thought-out with you in mind. There isn't a stone unturned. This passion I have has driven me to learn skills in editing and designing and I have loved every second of it. When you look at our products, I hope you see the effort that we have poured into every piece.

    I hope to see you wearing some Huntskea Outfitters gear soon!

  • Jace Swartzlander

    From the earliest moments of my childhood, hunting and fishing have been integral parts of my life, shaping my identity and instilling in me a deep passion for the great outdoors. Growing up in a family of avid hunters and anglers, I was taught the importance of responsible and sustainable practices, as well as the profound connection between nature and ourselves. These experiences not only honed my hunting and fishing abilities but also provided many great opportunities to network with like-minded outdoorsman and women. Now, as I embark on the journey of creating Huntskea Outfitters, I am fueled by unbridled excitement to share my lifelong devotion to hunting and fishing with others. My vision for the business is to provide fellow enthusiasts with premium gear, great story-telling, and unforgettable experiences that align with the principles of ethical hunting and fishing. Huntskea Outfitters represents not just a business venture but a heartfelt mission to pass on the time-honored traditions and values of hunting and fishing to the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.